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Ancestors of Albert Edward LATAS

Thirty-First Generation

1886809614. Duke Robert CAPET I "Duke Of Burgundy" was born 1011 in Bourgogne france. He died 21 Mar 1075/1076 in Fleury-sur-Ouche france. Duke Of Burgundy married Duchess Ermengard.

1886809615. Duchess Ermengard "Duchess Of Anjou".


1886809622. King Robert CAPET II ""the Pious" King Of France" was born 27 Mar 972 in Orleans, Loiret, Centre, France. He died 20 Jul 1031 in Meulan, Seine et Marne, Ile-de-France, France and was buried in St. Denis Abbey, France. "the Pious" King Of France married Constance de TOULOUSE. [Parents]

1886809623. Constance de TOULOUSE was born 986 in Toulouse, France. She died 25 Jul 1032 in Melun, France and was buried in St. Denis Abbey, Isle De France, France.


1886814176. Bernard De ST. VALERY died after 1097. He married Dommart UNKNOWN. [Parents]

1886814177. Dommart UNKNOWN.


2039091712. General Rognvald De BRUIS was born 970 in Bruis (near Cherbourg), Normandy, France. He died 1046. Rognvald married Felicia Of NORMANDY. [Parents]


2039091713. Felicia Of NORMANDY.


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