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Ancestors of Albert Edward LATAS

Thirtieth Generation

943404806. Duke William VIII "Duke Of Aquitaine, "Pontieu"" was born 1026. He died 25 Sep 1086 in Chateau de Chise France. Duke Of Aquitaine, "Pontieu" married Duchess Hildegard CAPET.

943404807. Duchess Hildegard CAPET "Duchess Of Burgundy" was born 1050. She died 1104. [Parents]


943404810. Count Baldwin (Baudouin) V "Count Of Flanders "Insulanus"" was born 1012 in Flanders, France. He died 1 Sep 1067 in Lille, France. Count Of Flanders "Insulanus" married Princess Adela CAPET.

943404811. Princess Adela CAPET ""Alix" Princess Of France" was born 1003 in France. She died 8 Jan 1079 in in Monasterio De L'Ordre De St. Benoist, Messines, France. [Parents]


943407088. Gautier De ST. VALERY "Walter" died before 1061. He married Elizabeth De MONTLHERY. [Parents]

943407089. Elizabeth De MONTLHERY.


1019545856. Sir Robert De BRUIS "Sir Knight" was born 1030 in Bruis Castle, Brix, Normandy, France. He died 1095. Sir Knight married Emma De BRITTANY. [Parents]

1019545857. Emma De BRITTANY.


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