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Ancestors of Orel Andrew LINDER


64. Simon LINDER

Until recently relatively little had been known about the early years of Simon Linder and his family in this new world since their date of emigration in 1733 to Philadelphia.  Thanks now to original research being conducted by Tim Linder of Landrum SC many of the gaps in our knowledge are now being filled in.   (Some of Tim's work appears in "Simon Linder:  The Lost Years" in The Linder Quarterly No. 147 Winter 2007 pp. 1-6.)  The first evidence comes from a Lancaster County PA land warrant (L-69) re his taking up 220 acres on Cokolico (now Cocalico) Creek [Warrantees of Land in the County of Lancaster 1733-1896]  Interestingly Tim informs us that this land warrant was signed by Thomas Penn and was part of the enormous lands held by his more famous father William Penn.  There is also a strong suggestion that these early Linders were of the Lutheran faith.  Simon's daughter Elizabeth is thought to have been married by a Lutheran minister to Johann Ulandt April 23, 1739 in Earltown PA which is not far from the Cocalico Creek area.  Also on  January 5, 1744 Simon (unsure if Simon Sr or Jr per Tim Linder) and wife were sponsors of Henricus Unselt per records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Frederick MD.  The father was Friedrich Unselt who was one of the fellow passengers aboard the Elizabeth.  (Friedrich listed  as a 24 year old weaver upon arrival.  Also listed in the book Pioneers of Old Monocracy were Hans Peter Hoffmann, Frantz Weiss, Johann Georg Loy & Johann Theobold from the ship Elizabeth and settled in Frederick Co., MD.)  Interpretation of the church record needs to be cautious though -- it was not entered until 1752 by the first resident minister Pastor Bernard Michael Hausihl.
Another record of Simon Linder is also in November of 1744 -- He  was granted a license to "Keep Ordinary at his own house for 1 year having paid the Governor's (Virginia) fee."  This was on land he had purchased from Morgan Bryan on the Opeckon, Frederick County, VA.  This record from early Frederick County courtesy of Cecil O'Dell in Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia  It is possible that this was Simon Jr.
In Historic Shepherdstown by Danske Dandridge (pub. 1910) the author notes on pp. 330-1 'Simon Linder was one of the first settlers on the Opequon.  Some of the Linders appear to have served in the Revolution.  In 1833 Henry Bedinger thus wrote to his brother, G. M. Bedinger:  "There were then (at the time of the Revolution), along Opequon four Linders, active young men, to wit, Daniel and Jacob, sons of Lawrence Linder; Jacob, son of Simon Linder, and Than, or Nathaniel, whose father was dead.  Possibly one of those was an officer in your company."

Simon Linder died intestate in 1752.  On  February 12 1752, the Frederick County Court appointed Simon Jr. as Administrator of Simon's estate, and Lawrence as surety.

Deed Book 2  3  Feb 12, 1752
Administrator's Bond -Simon Linder Admr. of Simon Linder, decd.
Van Swearingen }
Lawrence Linder } securities on same

65. Margarete UNKNOWN

Documented in one souce with the name Mary VanMetre


His surname is drawn from Dr William Dool Killen's "Reminiscences of
a Long Life", Hodder & Stoughton, 1901


From"Reminiscences of a Long Life", Hodder & Stoughton, 1901: "From
(this couple) the late Sir Samuel Ferguson and many others