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Ancestors of Orel Andrew LINDER


32. Lawrence LINDER

Private in His Majesty's Colonial Militia
Lawrence (1725 - ca 1793) is noted to have served in the French Indian Wars "The 'valuable defensive service' of Lawrence Linder was recognized by the Virginia General Assembly, meeting at Williamsburg on 24 Sept. 1758. They appropriated a large sum to pay the Home Guards, to be equal to the [colonial] Line soldiers.  Listed as a private "Lawrence Lender [sic]" (Dean Linder in The Linders of  the Revolution.   Per Boogher in his Gleanings of Virginia History  "To John Lamon, James Legat, John Dickson, Holoway Perry, Joseph Pierce, Henry Vanmeter, Lawrence Lender, Edward Mergee, Joseph Vanmeter, Jacob  Mergee, Remembrance Williams, Joseph Polsen, William Field, Nicholas   M'Intire, Edward Lucas, Robert Buchus, Benjamin Sweet, John Taylor and Arthur Turner 7s each = pounds 6-13-00"  Again we find the neighborly connection of the Linders and the Van Meters -- now if only for a church or marriage record, a will...  Lawrence last appeared on the tax rolls in Nelson Co., KY in 1791 and I suspect that is when and where he was buried.


Ambushed and killed by Indians on the Piqua Plains. Left one son, Robert age about 6 or 7 years old.