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Ancestors of Albert Edward LATAS


1990672. James STEWART

5th High Steward of Scotland

In 1286 he was chosen one of the six Regents of Scotland. He subsequently submitted to King Edward I of England on July 9, 1297, and was one of the auditors for the competitor, Robert de Brus. However, during the Wars of Scottish Independence he joined Sir William Wallace. After Wallace's defeat at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298, he gave his support to Robert the Bruce.

In 1302, with six other ambassadors, he was sent to solicit the aid of the French king against Edward, to whom he was once again compelled to swear fealty at Lanercost on October 23, 1306. To render his oath if possible secure, it was taken upon the two crosses of Scotland most esteemed for their sanctity, on the consecrated host, the holy gospels, and certain relics of saints. He also agreed to submit to instant excommunication if he should break his allegiance to Edward. Convinced that his faith was to his country in spite of all, he once again took up the Scottish patriotic cause and died in the service of The Bruce in 1309.[1]

1990685. Mary Delaware BRUCE

sister of Robert Delaware Bruce "Robert the Bruce"