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Ancestors of Albert Edward LATAS


237720. Walter CULPEPPER

Of the sons of Sir Thomas Colepeper Walter succeed e d t o a l l the estates except Exton on the death of hi s ha lf-b roth e r--Sir John--and was the only one to leav e mal e issu e. Th om as is recorded in most pedigrees to h ave di ed with out is sue , and Nicholas, although he doe s not nam e her i n his wi ll a t Lambeth, dated 16th Augus t, 1434, a nd prove d 20th Ja nuary , 1434/5, in which he m entions hi s brothe r Walter, hi s wif e Elizabeth and hi s daughter Be nedicta o r Bennett, an d desi res "sepeliend ' in ecclia an nunciacoi s beate Marie d e Begha m ante alt are sancti laur encii iuxt rem (?iuxta matr em) meam ," ha d another daughte r Joyce, wh o married Walte r Lewknor , o f Walberton, co. S ussex, fift h son of Sir Thom as Lewkno r , M.P. for Lewes.

Walter Colepeper, who continued the line, married Ag n e s , t he daughter of Edmund Roper, of St. Dunstans, Can te rb ur y, a nd is so described on her tombstone at Goudhu rst . S h e was a lso the widow of John, son of John de Bed gebu r y , a fact no t mentioned in the pedigrees recorde d in t h e Vi sitations, b ut which is amply evidenced by a n undat e d Chan cery Proceedi ng, temp. Hen. VI., where Wa lter Cou lp epir an d Agneis, hi s wife, late the wife of J ohn, so n o f John d e Beggebury an d Thomas Chaundeler, ch aplain , appe ar as pla intiffs in a di spute relating to p ropert y in Gou dhurst, Cr anbrook and Hawk hurst, which Jo hn, so n of Roge r de Beggebu ry, left to pay f or two chap lains t o sing mas ses for his s oul and for that o f Johan na, hi s wife. By th is marriage Wa lter Colepeper had , wi th tw o daughters

--Margaret, married to Alexander Clifford, and Eliza b e t h , married to John Hardes, of Hardes, co. Kent--thr e e so n s , Richard, John and Nicholas. Agnes, his wife, p re decea s e d him on the 2nd December, 1457, and was burie d a t Goud hu rs t, and Walter himself died on the 24th Nov embe r, 1462 , a n d was also buried at Goudhurst.

248834. Robert STEWART

Brother is King Robert (John) III
1st Duke of Albany

248835. Muriella KEITH

Title: Duchess of Albany