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Ancestors of Albert Edward LATAS


3764. Anthony ALSOP

Note: Alsop, is a surname derived from a locality; "Alsop-en-le-dale," or 'Alsp-in-the-Dale,' is a Parish in Ashborn, Derbyshire, England. William Ferrers, Earl of Derbyshire in about 1200/1254, gave this small village to the Alsop family through Gueno de Alsopp. This surname may be found variously spelled as: Allsop, Allsopp, Allsup and Alsop. The English patronymics of the Alsop family mentioned here, finds it's beginning eighteen generations before Elizabeth Alsop, the New England immigrant. It establishes itself in about the twelfth century at Derbyshire, England, of the gentleman class

3888. Lord John FLEMING II

7th Lord of Fleming
2nd Earl of Wigton

3889. Margaret LIVINGSTON

Countess of Wigton