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Ancestors of Albert Edward LATAS

Twenty-Seventh Generation

117925600. Count Geoffrey Le Bon GATINAIS VI "Count Of Anjou And Maine" was born 24 Aug 1113 in Anjou, France. He died 7 Sep 1151 in Chateau-du-Loir, France and was buried in St. Julian's Church, Le Mans, Anjou, France. Count Of Anjou And Maine married Princess Matilda Adelaide NORMANDY. [Parents]

117925601. Princess Matilda Adelaide NORMANDY "Maud" was born 1091 in England. [Parents]


117925886. Reginald De ST. VALERY died about 1166. [Parents]


121714258. Reynold DUSTANVILLE was born 1110. He died 1 Jul 1175 in Surry, England. Reynold married Mabel FITZRICHARD. [Parents]

121714259. Mabel FITZRICHARD was born 1114. She died 1162.


121714268. King Henry BEAUCLERC I "Duke Or Normandy, King Of England" was born Sep 1068 in Shelby, Yorkshire, England. He died 1 Dec 1135 in Denis le Fernont England and was buried 4 Jan 1136 in Reading Abbey Berkshire, England. Duke Or Normandy, King Of England married Sybil CORBET.

121714269. Sybil CORBET.


121714270. William FITZROBERT was born 1090 in Normandy, France. [Parents]


127443232. William De BRUS was born 1145 in Scottland. He died 1215. [Parents]


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