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Ancestors of Albert Edward LATAS

Eleventh Generation

1796. Robert FILMER was born estimated 1515/1544 in Kent, England. He died 1585 in East Sutton, Kent, England and was buried ? in ?. Robert married Frances CHESTER. [Parents]

1797. Frances CHESTER was born estimated 1524/1547 in ?. She died estimated 1569/1635 in East Sutton, Kent, England? and was buried ? in ?. [Parents]


1798. Lord Richard ARGALL was born about 1536 in East Sutton, Kent, England. He died about 1588 in east Sutton, Kent, England and was buried in East Sutton, Kent, England. Richard married Mary SCOTT. [Parents]

1799. Mary SCOTT "Marie" was born 1546 in Scotts Hall, Kent, England. She died 1605 in Kent, England. [Parents]


1856. Thomas FREEMAN was born about 1585 in Preston, Crownmarsh, England. He died 1649 in Jamestown, Virginia. Thomas married Frances BENNETT. [Parents]

1857. Frances BENNETT was born about 1585 in Norden, Surry, England. She died 1631 in England. [Parents]


1858. Francis Burgiss FOWLER.


1864. Christopher STOKES Jr. was born 1585 in Wiltshire England. He died about 1655 in Virginia. Christopher married Elizabeth UNKNOWN. [Parents]

1865. Elizabeth UNKNOWN.


1868. Sir William BISHOP ""the Elder"" was born 16 Jun 1570 in Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland and was christened 1582 in Church of Scotland. He died 1634 in Currie, West Lothian, Scotland. "the Elder" married Elizabeth RAMSAY. [Parents]

1869. Elizabeth RAMSAY was born 1570. She died 1634.


1880. Sylvester BALDWIN was born about 1595 in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England and immigrated 1638 in The Martin, He Died. He died 21 Jun 1638 in At Sea, On The Martin, Mid Atlantic and was buried in Atlantic Ocean. Sylvester married Sarah BRYAN. [Parents]

1881. Sarah BRYAN was born 22 Sep 1602 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England. She died 20 Nov 1669 in Milford, Connecticut. [Parents]


1882. John ALSOP was born about 1590 in Alsop-En-La-Dale, Derbyshire, England. He died 1631 in Alsop-En-La-Dale, Derbyshire, England. John married Temperance GILBERT. [Parents]

1883. Temperance GILBERT was born about 1600 in Mickleover, Derbyshire, England. [Parents]


1944. Alexander FLEMING was born 1612 in Cumbarnauld, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He died 1668 in Rappahannock Co., Virginia. Alexander married Elizabeth ANDERSON. [Parents]

1945. Elizabeth ANDERSON was born 1614 in Glasgow Lanarkshire Scotland. She died 6 Oct 1656 in Rappahannock Co., Virginia. [Parents]


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